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By Luglio 13, 2020Luglio 26th, 2020INFORMATICA

Richiedi informazioni per questo corso

Installing and Configuring Windows 10OnlyMW01C4
Implementing and managing Windows 10OnlyMW02C4
Deploying and Managing Windows 10 using enterprice Services OnlyMW03C4
Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10OnlyMW04C4
Upgrading your skills to MCSA Windows ServerOnlyMWS01D5
Installing Storage and Compute with Windows ServerOnlyMWS02D5
Networking with Windows ServerOnlyMWS03D5
Identity with Windows ServerOnlyMWS04D5
Securing with Windows ServerOnlyMWS05D5
Implementing a Software-Defined Data CenterOnlyMWS06D5
Automating Administration with Windows PowerShellOnlyMWS07D5
Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack OnlyMWS08D5
Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShellOnlyMWS09D3
Microsoft Security Workshop: Planning for a Secure Enterprise - Improving Detection OnlyMWS10D1
Microsoft Security Workshop: Implementing Windows 10 Security Features OnlyMWS11D1
Troubleshooting Windows Server Core Technologies OnlyMWS12D5
Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure OnlyMWS13D5
Implementing an Advanced Server InfrastructureOnlyMWS14D5
Implementing a Desktop Infrastructure OnlyMWS15D5
Azure Infrastructure and deploymentOnlyMA01D5
Microsoft Azure Integration and securityOnlyMA02D4
Microsoft Azure developer core solutionsOnlyMA03D4
Microsoft Azure developer advanced solutionsOnlyMA04D4
Microsoft Azure Architect TechnologiesOnlyMA05D5
Microsoft Azure Architect DesignOnlyMA06D4
Microsoft Azure DevOps SolutionsOnlyMA07D7
Planning and administering SharepointOnlyMS01D4
Advanced technologies of Sharepoint OnlyMS02D4
Implementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios OnlyMS03D1
Implementing SharePoint Service Applications OnlyMS04D2
Implementing SharePoint Infrastructure OnlyMS05D2
Managing SharePoint Online OnlyMS06D1
Migrating to SharePoint Online OnlyMS07D1
Administering Microsoft Exchange Server OnlyME01D5
Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server OnlyME02D5
Administering System Center Configuring Manager OnlyMSC01D5
Integration MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration ManagerOnlyMSC02D5
Hybrid Cloud and Datacenter Monitoring with Operations Management suite (OMS)OnlyMSC03D5
Planning and Deploying System Center Configuration Manager OnlyMSC04D3
Installing and Configuring System Center Operation Manager OnlyMSC05D5
Cloud & DataCenter Monitoring with System Center Operation Manager OnlyMSC06D5
System Center OrchestratorOnlyMSC07D3
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online DeploymentOnlyMD01D3
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and ConfigurationOnlyMD02D3
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales OnlyMD03D2
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service OnlyMD04D2
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field ServiceOnlyMD05D2
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing OnlyMD06D2
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Introduction OnlyMD07D1
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Finance Management OnlyMD08D3
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Trade & Logistic OnlyMD09D3
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Relationship ManagementOnlyMD10D1
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - ManufacturingOnlyMD11D3
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017-2018 and Dynamics 365 -Development Environment IntroductionOnlyMD12D3
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017-2018 and Dynamics 365 -Development Environment Solution DevelopmentOnlyMD13D5
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - IntroductionOnlyMD14D1
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations -Installation and ConfigurationOnlyMD15D3
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - DevelopmentOnlyMD16D5
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - Sales Management OnlyMD17D1
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - Customer Service OnlyMD18D1
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - Installation OnlyMD19D1
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - Online Deployment OnlyMD20D1
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - Customization and ConfigurationOnlyMD21D3
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017-2018 - IntroductionOnlyMD22D1
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017-2018 - Trade OnlyMD23D3
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017-2018 - Relationship ManagementOnlyMD24D1
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017-2018 - Manufacturing OnlyMD25D5
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Introduction OnlyMD26D1
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Installation and ConfigurationOnlyMD27D3
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Development OnlyMD28D5
SQL Server
Microsoft Cloud Workshop: SQL Server Hybrid Cloud OnlyMSS01D0.5
Introduction to SQL DatabaseOnlyMSS02D3
Quering Data with Transact -SQLOnlyMSS03D5
Developing SQL DatabaseOnlyMSS04D5
Administering a SQL database infrastructureOnlyMSS05D5
Provisioning SQL DatabaseOnlyMSS06D5
Implementing a SQL DatawarehouseOnlyMSS07D5
Developing SQ data ModelsOnlyMSS08D3
Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL DatabaseOnlyMSS09D4
Updating your SQL Server Skills OnlyMSS10D3
Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft ROnlyMSS11D3
Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning OnlyMSS12D5
Performing Data Engineering on Microsoft HD Insight OnlyMSS13D5
Performing Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services OnlyMSS14D5
Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions OnlyMSS15D3
Analyzing Data with Excel OnlyMSS16D3
Analyzing Data with Power BI OnlyMSS17D3
SQL Server on LinuxOnlyMSS18D2
Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations OnlyMSS19D3
Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting ServicesOnlyMSS20D5
Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn and High AvailabilityOnlyMSS21D2
SQL 2016 AlwaysOn High AvailabilityOnlyMSS22D3
Programming in HTML with Java Script and CSS3OnlyMVS01D5
Programming in C# OnlyMVS02D5
Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Web ApplicationsOnlyMVS03D5
Developing MS Windows Azure and Web ServicesOnlyMVS04D5
Programming Fundamentals of Web ApplicationsOnlyMVS05D5